Delivery note

Please use our delivery note when sending your surgical instruments to us.

Sundtorp’s delivery note provides all standardized instruments including the most common ones.

There are several alternatives on how the delivery note can be used

Print it and complete it by hand.
Change types of instruments or other entries on the computer, then print the delivery note.
Make your own delivery note where you change types of instruments by yourselves. Save it for further use.
If you wish to keep track on all surgical instruments that you have sent to us, please save all delivery notes.

If you have other requests, for example urgency, please note these in an appropriate place, such as on the back of the delivery note.

Do not forget the reference number!

If your delivery note is not accurate, we will correct it. For larger deviations, we will contact you by phone.

Please enter your delivery- and invoice address (reference number). Also enter the contact person and phone number, in order for us to easily be able to contact you if any problem would occur. Note Sundtorp’s customer number under ”customer/department”.

Note! If the order is urgent, the delivery box should be labeled. As a precaution, you should contact us for delivery information. The packages are then sent back with DB Schenker, which enable us to track the package.